QC Probe

QC Probe 1

The QC Probe (Quench Characterization) has been developed by specialists at MSL. The main function of the QC Probe is to predict heat transfer coefficients of different quenchants based on recorded cooling curve data. The main uses for sourcing this information in industry are:

  • To monitor the quality of quenchants used within heat treatment for service life and contamination which if not controlled may result in irregular steel mechanical properties, excessive distortion or cracking.
  • The predicted heat transfer coefficients of a quenchant can also be used as an input in the QT Steel Software.

Additional information:

  • Standards requiring the use of QC probe include:
    • ISO 9950
    • ASTM D6200
    • ASTM ┬áD6482
    • ASTM D6549
  • QC probes standard lengths are: 400, 600, and 1000mm (however, we can adapt these measurements to individual requirements).
  • QC probe which fit Drayton Quench master are available.

QC Probe 2

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