MSL have both CNC horizontal and vertical millers. We use HAAS CNC millers to machine our CVN impact and flat tensile specimens. Our HAAS CNC milling machines allow us to work within our BS EN ISO and ASTM tolerances to a precise degree of accuracy.

Our HAAS VF-2 vertical CNC miller is mainly used for our CVN impact specimens. This is a new addition to take over from our manual miller which was previously used. Making the switch to CNC for CVN specimens allowed us to more than halve the time taken to produce CVN specimens, while also greatly improving our quality and accuracy.

We recently added another 20HP vector drive horizontal CNC HAAS miller to our line-up. These are primarily used to machine our flat tensile specimens. Having two of these machines meant we could do double the amount of specimens in the same amount of time. This also provides us with a backup, should one machine being having maintenance taken out on it. We always ensure we give our customers a quick turnaround of mechanical testing results.DSCF0943

We also have a AJAX vertical milling machine. This serves as means of doing jobs when the CNC millers are running or when maintenance is being performed.