About Us

MSL Ltd is located in the North East of England on the Team valley Industrial Estate. The business has been built upon many years of experience in material technology and testing. This has included steel manufacture, cast iron manufacture and applications, steel selection and heat treatment, aluminium casting, brass casting and forging, corrosion technology and welding technology.

We provide a UKAS accredited service in the areas of metallurgical, mechanical testing and chemical analysis determination. We have a comprehensively equipped machine shop on site where we have sawing capacity, CNC turning and CNC milling machines and we manufacture all our test specimens.

MSL Ltd provides a wide range of metallurgical testing services on metals, alloys and plastics to meet industrial needs. Our customers come from the aerospace, petrochemical, marine, manufacturing, fabrication and construction industries. Based on our extensive database of metallurgical knowledge, and our many years of experience we can also provide technical support to our customers.

MSL’s metallurgists and engineers have many years experience in failure investigations and in establishing the “root cause” of failure and in the recommendation of appropriate corrective and preventative actions. We have examined failures due to various causes such as fatigue, brittle fracture, tensile overloading, wear, elevated temperature exposure, corrosion and manufacturing defects. Our failure analysis reports have been used by customer for product improvement and to prevent the occurrence of similar failures and also for legal disputes.

Our Metallurgical Services Include

Failure investigation of components, bolts, bearings, shafts, re-bar, pins, gears, crank shafts, con-rods, cam-shafts, springs, tube, valves, pump parts, plate steel, wear resistant castings and plate, tool and die steels. corrosion of stainless steel, ballistic properties, rail industry components, oil and gas components, naval and offshore, white metal bearings, tank track products, automotive structure and engine parts, welds, welded structural steel, overlay welds

Materials evaluation by mechanical testing, chemical analysis and metallurgical examination.

Mechanical Testing for Welder and Weld Procedure Qualification Tests

Coating thickness, grain size & ferrite measurements using metallographic sections

In-situ metallography on components or equipment on site or in the laboratory including macro, micro and SEM

Corrosion investigation, corrosion prevention advisory services & material selection

Carburised and Nitrided Case Depth Measurement and Decarburisation Depth Measurement

Inclusion Checks in accordance with ASTM E45

Measurement of hardenability using Jominy specimens.

Mechanical Testing of Metals and Polymers

Hardness Tests (Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers, Micro-hardness)

Fatigue and Wear.

Heat treatment optimisation and steel selection.

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