As well as our range of milling machines, we have a vast range of CNC lathes. Our CNC lathes are focused upon machining our round tensile specimens, as well as fatigue and jominy specimens. Like our CVN and flat tensile specimens, these products require accurate machining to fit tight tolerances. By using CNC lathes we are ensuring that all specimens are to the correct specifications and to UKAS standard.

Our newest addition is our Pinacho SE200 CNC lathe, running on FAGOR programming system. Fitted with a 3 jaw chuck, this machine is primarily used to turn round bars into tensile, jominy or fatigue specimens.









Next we have our Colchester Combi K3 CNC lathe, running on a FANUC programming system. The main function of this machine is to turn non-round bars into a range of diameter sized bars. Usually fitted with a 4 jaw chuck however a 3 jaw chuck is at hand should we require it.









Lastly, we have our Gate Eclipse CNC lathe, which is used to machine our tensile, jominy and fatigue specimens. All of our CNC lathes serve as a back up for one another, due to them being capable of performing the same functions to similar degrees of accuracy.